Chinese Culture Workshop

This four-hour workshop is specifically designed for business professionals who are seeking insight for increased understanding and appreciation of the cultural factors that influence business attitudes and practices in China. Participants will walk away with increased confidence and knowledge, facilitating better communication with their Chinese counterparts.

Contact us to design an in-house two or four-hour workshop for your company.

Comments from satisfied trainees:

"I greatly appreciated your emphasis on humanistic values and, for lack of a better phrase, 'doing the right thing' in one's international relationships. Too often, business people approach relationships with foreigners in terms of the utility of these relationships, rather than starting on the human level, building from there, and creating a framework of mutual trust and respect. I really liked your emphasis on this, and hope that your clients value this as well."

"Wonderful combination of the two presenters. Almost a kind of point- counterpoint, representing a broad spectrum of views."

"I think this is great for everyone, professionally and personally."

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