Effective Customer Service for Chinese Travelers

Tailored specifically for airports or harbors around the world that interact with Chinese or Asian travelers, this workshop focuses on language and protocol that directly impacts each department at each port of call who have direct contact with Asian travelers. Remember, not all Chinese are from mainland China, which makes this a very complex culture!

Contact us and let us customize a workshop for your port of call.

Comments from past workshop participants:

Honestly, in my umpteen years of taking 'Cultural Awareness-type classes' this is the best class I have ever taken. They offered not only a view into another culture, but a cross-generational / cross-gender, cross-cultural view of the Chinese culture. A very rich experience. And, yes, they were just plain great presenters with good stuff.

The humor and the explanations were simple and to the point.

It was very, very good. Very beneficial. I would recommend to everyone at the airport. Very good rapport and chemistry between the facilitators and audience.

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