Communications Skills Workshops

You can hardly make a friend in a year but you can easily offend one in an hour. ― Chinese proverb

Many native speakers admit they could benefit from polishing their grammar skills. What they don't think about is polishing their pragmatics―the rules that govern the use of language in different contexts and environments. Differences in these "unspoken rules" for interacting can lead to communication breakdowns.

TsaiComms specializes in teaching individuals and businesses Asian- and English-language pragmatics. You'll learn the nuances of communication that can make the difference between a successful business partnership and a failed relationship.

1) Presentations Skills to a Diverse Audience

America's population is rapidly becoming more culturally diverse, and half of the U.S. population is projected to be composed of minorities by 2050. Clearly, companies and public agencies need to be skillful and mindful of proper communications skills to reach an increasingly diverse audience.

TsaiComms can teach you the salient cultural differences among the largest minority groups in America: Asians, African Americans and Latinos. Learn the do's and don'ts of verbal and non-verbal communications in the workplace and social structure. What are the taboos of each culture? What in your actions and body language could be mistaken for an insult to a certain cultural group?

What you think you are saying may not be what people are hearing. TsaiComms can teach you how culture impacts perceptions, expectations and actions in communication. You'll learn to understand communication styles (including non-verbal communication) for various cultures, and to identify workplace problems that arise from cross-cultural miscommunication. We'll also help you develop active listening skills to increase cross-cultural communication and understanding.

2) Public Speaking and Communications Skills

TsaiComms can teach you the top five rules for speaking publicly. You will take away tips and ideas to help you develop your own personal style―improvements you can use right away to be more effective and prepared at your next speaking engagement.

Lillian Tsai, TsaiComms President, giving a communications skills and public speaking workshop at the National Education for Women Leadership Conference, June 2005, at Portland State University.

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