Diversity and Inclusion Programs

In today’s diverse workforce, managing differences in behavior and opinion proves to be a huge challenge even in the best of organizations. So it isn’t surprising that according to the EEOC, the U.S. experienced the highest incidences of workplace discrimination charges in 2008 and 2009 on record, with an annual average of more than 94,000 claims and $376 million recovered from employers.

The challenge, then, of managing diversity and inclusion is to help organizations minimize the potential to be a performance barrier while maximizing the potential to enhance organizational performance.

Both theory and research have indicated that the presence of diversity in an organization or work group can create obstacles to high performance for several reasons:

  1. Diversity can reduce the effectiveness of communication and increase conflict among workers, thus impacting productivity and ultimately, the bottom line.
  2. Compared to more homogenous work groups, diversity may also experience lower social attraction and display lower levels of commitment to the work group.

Whether your organization is large or small, well managed and executed diversity and inclusion programs can help to:

  1. Improve problem solving and productivity
  2. Increase organization flexibility
  3. Improving marketing strategies especially for products and services that are sold to a diverse audience of end users
  4. Provide a stimulating environment for change
  5. Ensure everyone knows and understands the cultural norms of different groups
  6. Hire and train flexible managers
  7. Produce a workforce that appreciates and can work with differences

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