Indian Culture Workshop

Abstract: After China, India is the world’s most populous country. A nation of over 1 billion people, “India as a nation exists only in the minds of its population” said an observer. Indian business culture is very diverse and heterogeneous and varies across regions, sectors and ownership patterns. Understanding the intricacy and cumbersomeness of Indian laws and bureaucracy is just the tip of the iceberg in helping you and your colleagues maneuver the delicate waters of working with Indians.

Our cross cultural workshops on business etiquette and protocol will help you reduce the complexity while putting you at ease during negotiations, communications, or entertaining, so that you can avoid the inadvertent faux pas that many westerners make with this unique culture. You and your teams will be more productive, saving valuable time and energy that quickly impacts your bottom line.

Contact us to design an in-house two or four-hour workshop for your company.

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