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DEI Coaching

TsaiComms specializes in customized business coaching for professionals of color, foreign-born nationals, and leaders and managers of multicultural or diverse individuals and teams. In a new normal way of working remotely, it's even more important that leaders and teams understand how to use their softer skills to inspire and motivate each other to be at their best.

Ms. Tsai’s unique cross cultural coaching style combines the Co-Active Coaching (Whitworth, et al.) model, her decades of life and work experiences as an immigrant, and 25 years of experience inside global corporations.

Through this extensive experience, she developed proven techniques to help organizations bridge differences by changing their mindsets and behaviors. She is a personable and intuitive DEI coach with a gift for nurturing talents in person or virtually.

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What clients are saying about our DEI coaching services

"Lillian is a phenomenal coach with an amazing gift in seeing the potential in talent, then nurturing those talents with wonderful charisma, passion, grit, trustworthiness, dependability, integrity, a strong purpose, and leadership. She inspires us to achieve more by constantly raising the bar. She leads by example and fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Cloe Zeng
Director of Planning and Launch | Devices, Microsoft Corp.

“Lillian is a deeply data-driven and compassionate leadership coach. Her combination of technical and soft skills creates an environment of trust that inspires connection and long-lasting change. Our coaching engagement was one of the most professionally difficult and rewarding experiences of my career. If you're interested in leadership training or culture change, Lillian is the absolute best.”

Lisa Williams
Digital Marketing Manager, OHSU

Bridging difference
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