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DEI Facilitation and Training

Ms. Tsai is sought after as a DEI trainer and facilitator due to her energetic, inspirational, and knowledgeable presentations and trainings. She uses stories (many based on her own life and work experience), experiential exercises, and visual media to enhance engagement and understanding while meeting people and organizations where they are.

Inquire about our online training classes, which include but are not limited to:

  • Working Across Differences (foundational diversity, equity and inclusion workshop).
  • Mindful and Inclusive Leader-shift: How to use mindfulness and empathy to build connections, retain and motivate a diverse workforce in the "new normal."
  • Working (or Leading) Across Generations and Cultures.
  • Working Across Cultures.
  • Interrupting (Un)Conscious Gender Bias: How to identify, understand and interrupt gender bias.
  • Communicating Across Differences.
  • Culture + Identity: What makes us tick?
  • Culture, Communication, and Conflict.
  • What is Cultural Competence and Why Should I Care?
  • Style Matters: How to Look Good, Feel Good and Attract Good Qi (energy).
  • Identifying, Understanding, and Interrupting Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions to Increase Inclusion in the Workplace.
  • Busting Myths and Stereotypes to Build Belonging Across Cultures.
  • How to Make an Impact in Virtual Meetings.
  • Listening sessions to support groups following any significant event(s).
  • Understanding & Exploring our Triggers and their Impact on Inclusion
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What clients are saying about our facilitation and training services

“The best diversity class I have ever attended, with real-life lessons and instructions! 30 years I’ve taken classes; none as great as this one!”

U.S. Forest Service Manager

“I so enjoyed the workshop you facilitated on Microaggressions. I would heartily recommend it and learned a lot. Your handouts are rich, heavy with content. Your information is well-researched and you bring strong credibility - both academically and because of your shared, personal experience.”

Lori Eberly
Founder, Author, Facilitator

Bridging differences
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